Welcome to ICET 2024

2024 the 4th International Conference on Educational Technology


Welcome to ICET 2024

2024 the 4th International Conference on Educational Technology


Welcome to ICET 2024

2024 the 4th International Conference on Educational Technology


Welcome to ICET 2024

2024 the 4th International Conference on Educational Technology


Wuhan, China

September 13-15, 2024

About Us

Welcome to ICET 2024


2024 the 4th International Conference on Educational Technology (ICET 2024) will be hosted in Wuhan, China during September 13-15, 2024.

2024 the 4th International Conference on Educational Technology (ICET 2024) will be held in Wuhan, China from September 13th-15th, 2024, sponsored by Central China Normal University and Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in Education, CCNU and hosted by National Engineering Research Center of Educational Big Data, National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning and Wuhan Intelligent Education Industry Technology Research Institute.

The aim of the conference is to focus on research and practice in the field of educational technology, exploring the use of the latest computer technologies in education to promote learning efficiency and enhance educational effectiveness. The scope of research covers multiple areas, including educational management information systems, online learning, blended learning, mobile technology applications, educational innovation, social media, and social networks.
The ICET conference was established in 2021. Due to the pandemic, the first two ICET conferences were held online with more than 200 experts and scholars attending. In total, 28 well-known experts and scholars in the field of education were invited to give keynote speeches, providing a platform for scientific researchers engaged in educational technology applications and teaching to exchange and learn from each other.
ICET 2024 aims to become a major international forum for the discussion of educational technology, inviting researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to participate in the discussion, share the latest achievements, challenges, and future directions.
We are excited to offer a rich program, including keynote speeches, invited speeches, peer-reviewed paper presentations, networking activities, and a city tour. We are currently accepting paper submissions, abstract submissions, and listener registrations for the conference.
This is an excellent opportunity for ed tech enthusiasts to learn and network face-to-face with like-minded professionals, and to explore the future of education.

欢迎参加2024年第四届教育技术国际会议(ICET 2024)!我们非常荣幸地宣布,ICET 2024将于2024年9月13-15日在中国武汉隆重举行,本届会议由华中师范大学 和华中师范大学人工智能教育学部主办,教育大数据应用技术国家工程研究中心, 国家数字化学习工程技术研究中心和武汉智能教育产业技术研究院承办。ICET 2024将为全球各地的教育技术领域的专业人士提供一个互相交流、分享研究成果和探讨未来发展趋势的重要平台。ICET 2024将是一个充满活力和创新的盛会,汇聚了国际上最杰出的学者和实践者,他们将分享他们的研究成果、经验和见解。本次会议的主题将涵盖广泛的教育技术领域,包括但不限于在线教育、远程学习、虚拟现实、人工智能在教育中的应用、创新教育技术工具等。
ICET 2024不仅将为与会者提供一个深入讨论和探讨教育技术前沿话题的机会,还将促进国际间的合作和伙伴关系,以推动教育技术的进步和创新。我们期待着在ICET 2024与您相聚,共同探讨教育技术的未来,共享智慧,激发创新。让我们一起开启这次教育技术领域的盛会,为教育的未来贡献我们的力量。

  ICET 2023 Conference Proceedings is included in IEEE Xplore!

ICET 2023 会议论文集已收录至IEEE Xplore 数据库!

  Northwestern Polytechnical University released information about the ICET 2023 conference.  

西北工业大学发布ICET 2023 会议信息。

  University of Nottingham Ningbo China, China released information about the ICET 2023 conference.

宁波诺丁汉大学发布ICET 2023 会议信息。

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Key Dates

  • 10 April 2024
    Early Bird Deadlinene
  • 10 May 2024
    Notification Deadline
  • 10 June 2024
    Early Bird Registration Deadline

Call for Papers

The scope of the conference includes but is not limited to, the following topics as they relate to the education technology.

Track 1: Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining

Track 2: Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations in Education

Track 3: Technology-Enhanced Learning and Instruction

Track 4: Technology-Enabled Learning Science and Learning Mechanisms

Track 5: Data and Teories-Driven Empirical Research in Education

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Call for Special Sessions

ICET 2024 solicits proposals for special sessions within the technical scope of the conference. Special sessions supplement the regular program of the conference and provide a sample of the state-of-the-art research in both academia and industry in special, novel, challenging, and emerging topics.

Special Sessions Proposal Submission: June 30, 2024

Submission of Papers of Special Sessions: July 30, 2024

Notification of Review Result of Papers: August 20, 2024
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About Publication 出版信息


After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers after proper registration and presentation, will be published in the ICET 2024 conference Proceedings.

ICET 2024会议论文将出版到会议论文集, 文章作者将被邀请参会做口头报告。


Submission Channel 在线投稿通道



Submission Request 投稿要求

1. Submit papers of at least 4 pages, up to 5 pages in length, double-column style as template, including including figures, tables & references , which will be presented in oral presentations. In addition, we welcome abstracts & papers which will be presented in formal presentation sessions.
2. Provide an abstract of no more than 250 words if you only want to do presentation at the conference.
3. Submit papers in PDF (Portable Document Format) and ensure that they are compatible with Adobe Acrobat (English version). Other formats, including Postscript, will not be accepted. Avoid using any special characters or non-standard fonts. We must be able to display and print your submission exactly as we receive it using only standard tools and printers, so we strongly suggest that you use only standard fonts embedded in the PDF file. <<Read More>>

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